PMI IMPACT supports projects covering a wide range of activities within the specific theme set for each funding round. No idea is too small, as long as a project can achieve a lasting impact against illegal trade and related crimes such as corruption, organized crime or money laundering.

The total requested budget per project can range between USD 100,000 and USD 1.5 million, and the duration of each project should be no more than two years.

Each applicant may submit only one project proposal in a funding round.

Research programs to enhance knowledge on illegal trade and related crimes, helping to better understand all aspects of the problem and develop solutions.

Educational initiatives to improve the ability of the public and private sectors to effectively combat illegal trade and to increase cross-sectoral collaboration.

Development of technological solutions, tools, and equipment to facilitate anti-illicit trade efforts.

Activities to raise awareness of multiple audiences on the issue of illegal trade, as well as on ways to tackle it.